Water depuration

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) often use anaerobic digestion to inert sludge separated from water. In this process, biogas is produced with a methane content greater than 60%, which constitutes a valuable energy resource.

They are also installations in which electricity is required to power equipment and heat to keep the digester at temperature. They are thus an ideal environment for cogeneration, which allows the plant to be practically self-sufficient in energy consumption.

Our cogeneration modules are an unbeatable solution in treatment plants, both urban and industrial, with biogas production between 300 and 15,000 Nm3/day. We also offer pretreatment systems to condition the biogas before use and guarantee a long service life of the equipment.

Food industry

In the food industry, the treatment of waste and liquid effluents is essential to guarantee sustainability and compliance with environmental regulations. In this process, anaerobic digestion is commonly used to treat organic waste, also providing biogas with a high methane content.

Cogeneration is the most efficient way to take advantage of this source of energy: by combining electricity and useful heat for self-consumption in the industry that generates the waste, it is possible to close the circle of optimization in the use of resources.

At Altare we offer cogeneration equipment and solutions of proven effectiveness tailored to each need. Reliable and easy to integrate into all types of industrial processes.

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Agriculture and Livestock

Agricultural and livestock activity faces enormous challenges when it comes to combining the productivity necessary to compete in increasingly global and open markets with the sustainability requirements demanded by administrations and consumers. In this context, modernization and optimization of resources become a necessity and among the tools that emerge most strongly, the production of biogas stands out, which converts a cost, that of waste treatment, into an opportunity to save or generate income. Additional features.

Technological improvements today make it possible to produce biogas even in small and medium-sized farms and use it as a source of renewable energy in cogeneration equipment, both for own consumption and for the sale of surpluses.

In larger farms, there is also the possibility of enriching biogas (upgrading) by converting it into biomethane, a renewable natural gas that can be injected into the network or used directly in standard vehicles and consumer appliances.

Altare offers cogeneration equipment, biogas treatment systems and biomethane upgrading plants for agricultural facilities of any size. Get to know them!

Waste treatment

In landfills and MSW treatment plants, a large amount of biogas is naturally produced as a byproduct of the decomposition of organic matter. Composed mainly of methane, this biogas is a valuable resource that can be captured, purified and used.

Traditionally, landfill biogas has been used to generate renewable electricity that was injected into the grid. In recent years, however, industrial solutions have been developed with different technologies to separate CO2 and other unwanted gases and obtain methane in concentrations greater than 96%. This process, called upgrading, provides a natural gas of renewable origin (biomethane) comparable to commercial natural gas, which can be transported through the gas pipeline network as well as compressed or liquefied and used in buildings, industries and vehicles.

At Altare we are committed to the development of innovative solutions to valorize biogas in landfills and urban solid waste treatment plants. We have upgrading solutions specifically developed for these applications with proven efficiency and performance.

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Industry needs competitive and reliable energy like that provided by cogeneration. It is the most effective and efficient way to supply yourself with natural gas and now it can also be supplied from renewable fuels such as biogas, biomethane or hydrogen. In addition to electricity, cogeneration provides heat and/or cold for industrial processes at a very competitive cost.

Unlike other renewable solutions, gas generation provides firm and manageable power, available when and where you need it. It constitutes invaluable help to diversify and make the energy supply more flexible, ensuring costs against externalities that affect the electricity market or when the network does not offer the power or security that your industry requires.

We offer a wide range of equipment and plants, both for cogeneration and to guarantee power and electrical availability to all types of industries. Investments in efficiency and security of supply that give you independence and prepare you for any future eventuality.

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Microcogeneration is a solid energy efficiency tool that allows us to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings and make them more sustainable. It provides electricity for self-consumption and hot water for air conditioning systems, produced with residual heat, with hardly any consumption or additional cost. Easy to integrate, safe and very reliable, it is especially effective in buildings in the tertiary and residential sector with high thermal demand: residences and care centres, clinics, sports centres, hotels and tourist accommodation, etc.

Altare introduced micro-cogeneration in Spain almost two decades ago and since then has led this market segment indisputably. We offer the widest and most advanced range of equipment and solutions together with the solvency and experience accumulated in more than one hundred projects for all types of clients.

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