Energy for Industry.

Cogeneration and gas generation.

Efficiency and availability.

Gas engines make it easy to have firm and manageable electrical power. They are an excellent complement to the electrical network, which can be used for purposes such as:

Altare designs and manufactures gas cogeneration generators and modules in unit powers ranging from 15 to 710 kWe. A wide range of electrical efficiency and availability solutions for industries, especially small and medium-sized ones.

Altare cogeneration modules

We design and manufacture in Spain a wide range of compact cogeneration modules. Equipment that integrates the gas motor-generator and the heat recovery system in the same frame, along with complete electrical cabinets and an advanced control system. A cogeneration plant concentrated in a single piece of equipment, which is delivered assembled and tested, ready to operate.

Installing cogeneration has never been so simple and fast

Our compact modules give you:

  • Performance and reliability: we use industrial gas engines from renowned manufacturers such as LIEBHERR, MAN or SCANIA, which combine the best performance with proven reliability and durability.
  • Flexibility: with fifteen power levels between 15 and 710 kWe and open or cabin versions, we can offer the optimal solution for each project. We also offer the possibility of designing custom configurations and integrating equipment in a container or shed.
  • Independence: we use open control systems, not PLCs with proprietary code that make you a prisoner of the supplier. State-of-the-art systems developed by the best European specialists in motor-generator control.
  • Quality: our equipment is designed and built in Spain with the highest quality standards. We use the best materials and first-class systems and components, and we rely on the knowledge acquired through long and varied experience.
  • Service: We offer direct support from the factory, without intermediaries. With its own Technical Office and Technical Service. Your equipment will be cared for by the engineers and technicians who designed and built it.

Gas generators

In addition to cogeneration equipment, Altare offers purely electrical generation solutions to complement and optimize the electrical supply to industrial clients that require extra power, greater flexibility in the energy supply or integrate fuels of renewable origin such as biogas, biomethane or hydrogen.

High efficiency generators designed for continuous operation, which can work in parallel with the grid or in island mode, isolated from the grid. Power and electrical energy that provide independence and security.

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