Biogas energy recovery.

Cogeneration equipment and biomethane upgrading plants.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency with gas.

Biogas is a renewable energy source obtained from waste treatment. It can be used to replace fossil fuels to produce electricity and heat on demand. It constitutes an effective and efficient solution for a sustainable energy supply to all types of consumers, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

Altare offers proven solutions to valorize biogas, from cogeneration equipment for on-site use to biomethane upgrading plants to inject into the grid or supply renewable fuel to vehicles.

What differentiates us is the combination of:

Our solutions:

Biogas recovery

Cogeneration equipment and treatment systems.

A wide catalog of proprietary solutions for cogeneration with biogas, including:

  • Cogeneration equipment with unit powers between 15 and 500 kWe.
  • Biogas pretreatment and drive systems.
  • Pre-assembled plants of up to 1 MW in different formats.

Upgrading to biomethane

Complete turnkey plants.

Facilities for upgrading biogas to biomethane, a fuel clean of impurities and concentrated at more than 96% methane, comparable in quality to commercial natural gas but of renewable origin.

Energy for Industry

Cogeneration and electric power with gas.

Cogeneration equipment or gas power plants to diversify and make the energy supply more flexible, ensuring costs against the externalities that affect the electricity market.

Energy efficiency for buildings

Micro cogeneration solutions.

Microcogeneration is a solid energy efficiency tool that allows you to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings and reduce energy costs. Discover our equipment and solutions specifically developed for construction.

Application sectors:

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