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We offer you to modernize your cogeneration installation to bring it to the technological forefront and improve its performance and efficiency. Our retrofitting services are ideal for those clients who wish to fully or partially update their plants taking advantage of the most recent technical advances. Our approach to retrofitting involves identifying the parts of your facilities that are still in good condition and can continue to be useful, and selectively replacing those that are not working properly and have become obsolete or inefficient. This may include updating engines and their electronic management systems, as well as improving equipment control and supervision systems. Modernization offers significant benefits at a reduced cost. From greater efficiency and reliability in the operation of your equipment to a reduction in operating costs and a lower environmental impact. Retrofitting allows you to make the most of your existing investments and extend the useful life of your facilities.

Our engineering team will work closely with you to design a custom solution that fits your needs and goals. We are committed to taking your cogeneration installation to the next level and guarantee a smooth transition throughout the modernization process.

Trust us to maintain your competitiveness in a constantly evolving market and continually improve your energy and environmental performance.


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