Solutions for energy transformation.

In addition to solar, wind and hydraulic energy, the transition towards a more sustainable generation future requires sources that provide power and energy on demand, regardless of the weather.

Altare offers solutions that allow manageable renewable production from biogas and synthesis gases, directly or through energy vectors such as biomethane or hydrogen.

The fight against climate change requires, on the other hand, minimizing the impact on the use of fossil fuels that we still need.

Natural gas is the cleanest of these fuels and cogeneration is by far the most efficient way to use it.

Producing electricity and heat in a combined and local way saves more than 30% of primary energy and CO2 emissions compared to conventional generation.

Altare is an independent company that has been a pioneer in the development of small-scale cogeneration and micro-cogeneration. With 100% national capital, it designs and manufactures in Spain a wide range of equipment and solutions at the level of the best European manufacturers.

In addition to manufacturing biogas treatment equipment and systems, we have the capacity to package complete solutions and run turnkey plants.

From rooftop power plants to biogas to biomethane upgrading plants using different technologies.

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