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Maintenance and operation support

As manufacturers we understand the importance of keeping your cogeneration equipment working optimally at all times. That is why we offer a specialized and solvent technical service.

Our team of trained and experienced technicians is available to provide you with fast and effective assistance, whether it’s resolving unforeseen issues or performing scheduled preventive maintenance. We are committed to minimizing the downtime of your equipment and ensuring its optimal operation in the long term.

In addition to our repair and maintenance service, we also offer personalized technical advice, operational support and equipment upgrades to ensure you are getting the most out of your cogeneration systems. We are proud to offer a comprehensive service that gives you peace of mind and confidence in the operation of your plant.

Trust our technical service. We support more than 100 cogeneration installations that use equipment manufactured by Altare and third-party equipment, in all types of applications and throughout the national territory.


Periodic preventive maintenance


Corrective maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Qualification and experience

Our service technicians specialize in the maintenance of gas engines and cogeneration equipment. Backed by our status as manufacturers and in collaboration with our main system and component suppliers, they receive complete theoretical training complemented by extensive experience accumulated in serving a wide variety of plants for more than 10 years.


We are prepared to perform services ranging from initial start-up and technical assistance in operation to the complete renovation of equipment and facilities. We carry out all levels of preventive maintenance: scheduled periodic interventions, partial reviews, complete reviews (overhaul) as well as corrective and predictive maintenance. We have the best means and facilities to guarantee professional and reliable work.

Original spare parts

We always use original spare parts approved by the engine manufacturers, with whom we maintain close collaboration as specialized integrators. We have a large parts warehouse in Madrid and we offer an agile response in the supply of consumables and spare parts.

Tailor-made service

Our service adapts to the needs and budget of each client. Recognizing that smaller equipment and facilities require specific solutions, we strive to offer the greatest versatility and flexibility in maintenance and operational support.

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